4 link plates & electronics tray                      $30.00


Boxer Chassis and Titanium upper and lower links


Choker Collars 

       (​sold individually) 


                International shipping

$30.00 USD

Featherweight Sporty Rear Axle 

(SCX10 Housing, UL Locker, UD Gears, Bearings, Tubes, Titanium Axles, Collars)                  $159.00


Shafty Body Mount

(​please specify width needed)


RTR Bulldog Shafty Tranny with gears & pinion assembled ready to go!


Boxer Shafty Chassis

Carbon Fiber chassis,Delrin skid, Delrin Spacers


Bulldog Shafty Tranny with locker and mount plate (add your own gears)