Choker Collars 

       (​sold individually) 


Boxer Shafty Chassis

Carbon Fiber chassis,Delrin skid, Delrin Spacers


Boxer Chassis and Titanium upper and lower links


Bulldog Shafty Tranny with locker and mount plate (add your own gears)


4 link plates & electronics tray                      $30.00


                International shipping

$30.00 USD

RTR Bulldog Shafty Tranny with gears & pinion assembled ready to go!


Featherweight Sporty Rear Axle 

(SCX10 Housing, UL Locker, UD Gears, Bearings, Tubes, Titanium Axles, Collars)                  $159.00


Shafty Body Mount

(​please specify width needed)